Hear from people who’ve done spiritual work with Bodhi Deva Ma . . .

“If it wasn’t for you, I would never have found my love for Yoga.  Thank you for your patience, unconditional love and for providing me the space & guidance to find a deep personal connection with myself and my body.”

Monica Hickey, Fitness and Nutrition Expert, Louisa, KY

“I was able to work with Bodhi when she was Spiritual Spaceholder at the Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala.  Her honesty, openness, transparency and sense of seeking inspired all around her to do the same.  She set the stage to grow and explore & I learned so much from her.”

-Kelly Williams, Counselor, Boulder, Colorado

“Truthfully I can not speak highly enough about my experience with Bodhi.  I was facing some pretty fierce internal challenges & I was dwelling in confusion and uncertainty.  Bodhi was so relateable, understanding, safe, insightful and clever.  We not only sorted out the challenges I brought forth, but she helped me to engage at an even deeper level where I saw some shadows lurking for the first time.  Because of our time together, I feel that I have more sureness in my path, greater clarity about where my energy wants to go, and deeper insights into the nature of my own being & the patterns I’m living out.”

Mike Mantel, San Marcos Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

“Bodhi is fabulous!  I had such a healing a connective energy healing session with her and when we have talked, I felt so seen, heard and supported.  She can truly hold such comforting presence.”

-Sarah Beery, Seattle Washington

“I have known this healer for almost ten years and she has hands that are blessed with healing powers.  I have taken her Reiki classes & her meditation teachings.  She has an immense knowledge of Eastern and Western ways.  I am an allopathic physician with osteopathic influence & with my roots from India, I am very tuned in to Ayurvedic medicine. I would not just recommend, but I strongly say to get involved with this provider.  I know her personally and professionally and she is the salt of the earth!”

Dr. Rajiv Jain, Huntington, WV

“…With Bodhi, I felt fully seen as my powerful, beautiful self.  We had a very empowering conversation after which I decided to stop following the dictatorship of an employer and start on my own.  It’s been an amazing experience since.”

Bodhi John Patrick Rooney, San Marcos, Guatemala

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