Individual Sessions and Available Classes with Bodhi Deva Ma

Transformative Healing and Coaching Sessions with Bodhi Deva Ma

Bodhi Deva Ma is an experienced Spiritual Guide & Space Holder.  She has a Master’s degree in Counseling, a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies and over 20 years of experience as a teacher of yoga, energy healing and meditation. Read more . . .

Sessions are customized to the needs of the individual. They may include coaching, energy healing, intuitive guidance, body postures, use of essential oils, gemstones and sound healing techniques.  The initial 15 minute consultation is free and takes place over the phone. The first session is 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are one hour.

12 session package – $720.00

6 session package – $450.00

3 session package – $225.00

Single session – $80.00

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Available Classes and Workshops with Bodhi

The following classes offered by Bodhi aren’t currently on our schedule, but can be booked by groups or facilities.

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Scared to Sacred: Finding Peace in Times of Change

These are times of great transition for all human beings.  We are all faced with major changes and we are inundated by messages of fear and anxiety at every turn.  Our bodies are overstimulated with excess energy and information and many of us struggle to find peace in this fast paced world.  Join us to learn & experience important tools for finding peace which are derived from modern brain science, ancient healing practices and intuitive insight.  Learn how to find your center, maintain clarity and stay in touch with your purpose regardless of what seems to be happening in your life. This class is experiential.  Wear comfortable clothing in layers.  We will be experiencing gentle body movement, guided meditation, energetic healing techniques and use of essential oils an stones to help guide intention and work with emotional imbalance.

Introduction to the Chakra System Energy

An 8 week experiential class which delves into the physical, mental and emotional aspects of each of the Chakras.  Each class will integrate physical postures, breath work, essential oils, stones, sound and color.  Participants will have a deeper understanding of the energy anatomy and how it correlates with psychological & spiritual experience in our every day lives.

More Than Meets the Eye – Working with Life Force Energy (Reiki) 

An 8 week series covering the practical aspects of working with the human energy field.  Participants will learn the basics of sensing and experiencing the human energy field.  We will then delve into the ways that life force energy moves both in our bodies and interpersonally.  Participants will learn to sense and cultivate their own energy, work with and transmute negative energies, read and relate to the energy of others and channel and share life force energy to heal self and others.  Participants will receive an attunement to Reiki (Universal Life Force) energy and will receive Reiki level 1 certification.  This class will also benefit those who have already gone through Reiki training and would like to be attuned again, opening and clearing the channel to improve capacity for more life force energy flow.

Training Teachers: Holding Space & Working with Emotions

Bodhi offers a special 2 hour teacher training to support yoga teachers in learning the art of holding space.  The class covers the physiology of emotion, where and how emotion is stored in the body, emotional release techniques, asana for specific emotional needs and the art of holding space: what to do and what not to do when emotions are releasing.