New Paradigm Podcast, Episode #4 with Guest Bodhi Deva Ma

Podcast Episode #4 Featuring Bodhi Deva Ma!

In this episode we welcomed our own Bodhi Deva Ma to the podcast, and she brought her extensive knowledge of world religions and spiritual practices to our discussion of the divine feminine. It was a great conversation, with lots to learn and absorb. You should definitely give it a listen!

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New Paradigm Podcast, Episode #3 with Guest Ty Ryan

Getting the Male Perspective on the Divine Feminine with Ty Ryan!

The latest in our podcast series on the divine feminine explores the male point-of view with Transformational Life Coach and Reintegrative Healing Practitioner Ty Ryan. You can learn more about Ty on his website, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

We were having such a great conversation that we kept talking after the formal podcast had ended. Keep listening after the closing music to hear more from Ty.

Note: Ty mentioned EDMR during the podcast. For those unfamiliar, this stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This is a form of psychotherapy developed by Francine Shapiro which uses eye movement or other forms of bilateral stimulation to assist trauma victims in processing distressing memories and beliefs.

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New Paradigm Podcast, Episode #1 with Guest Jane Ritz

We’ve launched our spirituality and healing podcast!

Join us for our first ever podcast! Our inaugural series focuses on the divine feminine, and we were lucky enough to nab Jane Ritz as our very first guest. She has some fascinating and illuminating things to say about how the rising divine feminine is impacting ourselves and the world. Thanks again Jane! You’re awesome!!

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We’re new at this and still have a few kinks to work out, but we’d love your feedback. Tell us what you think here in the comments or on our contact page.