Michelle Shuler Key

Co-Founder, Creativity Coach – Online Booking Now Available!

Michelle Shuler Key co-founded New Paradigm with Bodhi and Julie due to her desire to support personal and spiritual growth through creativity. She is our Creativity Coach, and she also leads our marketing and graphic design efforts.

Michelle double-majored in Writing/Communications and Music at Maryville College, and has spent the last two decades writing and marketing for everything from small environmental nonprofits to multi-national restaurant chains, in addition to ongoing freelance journalism. She has been published in media outlets including The Knoxville News Sentinel and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on video game outlets within the Curse and Joystiq networks, and on a diverse list of websites, from Livestrong.com to The Daily Puppy.

Through her experience in marketing, Michelle has had the opportunity to edit and coach copywriters, and has found that the most fulfilling aspect of her career. In her coaching role at New Paradigm, she offers online or phone-based Creativity Coaching to help clients break through blocks and unlock their creative potential. She can help you discover the core reasons behind whatever is keeping you from being your fully creative self.

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I’m currently offering 1-hour online creativity coaching sessions at an introductory rate of $75/hr, or you may purchase a 6-session package at a reduced rate of $60/hr ($360 total for a $90 savings). Payments are accepted via Paypal, and you’ll receive payment information after you schedule your appointment.

If you use Gmail, you can schedule an appointment directly from my Google Calendar, and we can conduct video sessions via Google Hangouts (or phone if you’d prefer). To schedule, click the link below, open your chosen appointment time, and click “save.” I will automatically be notified of your appointment. If you’d prefer a phone appointment, add your phone number to the “where” section of your chosen appointment time.

If you don’t use Gmail, click the “Request an Appointment” link below and fill in the form on the new page, or give me a call at (423) 352-7645.

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