Julie Bjugan

Co-Founder, Finance Coach – Online Booking Now Available!

Julie has a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics and spent the first half of her career working in and with some of the best known global financial institutions – Price Waterhouse Coopers, Bank of America, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citibank and others.  She spent many years working in professional education, teaching accounting, valuation, financial modeling and, most importantly, the basics of business and finance to the hundreds of people who found themselves employed by these huge banks.  Many of her students were very good at their jobs, but had no understanding of banking and finance.

Financial education became more personal when she decided to stop the constant travel and stay home with her first child.  Learning to live on a much smaller income with one additional person in the family was challenging and taught her more about personal finance than she had learned in all those years in banking.

Julie now works with individuals and groups of professionals, creatives, and teens to give them the resources and skills they need to reach their own personal financial goals.  Starting off as a creative person in a financial field gave her an understanding of how to help others become more comfortable with their finances.

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I’m currently offering 1-hour online Financial Empowerment coaching sessions at an introductory rate of $75/hr, or you may purchase a 3-session package at a reduced rate of $180 –  a $90 savings. Payments are accepted via Paypal, and you’ll receive payment information after you schedule your appointment.

If you use Gmail, you can schedule an appointment directly from my Google Calendar, and we can conduct video sessions via Zoom (or phone if you’d prefer). To schedule, click the link below, open your chosen appointment time, and click “save.” I will automatically be notified of your appointment. If you’d prefer a phone appointment, add your phone number to the “where” section of your chosen appointment time.

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