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Are you waking up to a New Paradigm?

As we each become more self aware, opening up to the truth of who and what we are, there are experiences that are shared among seekers. It is said among many prophecies and spiritual frameworks that we are in a time of mass spiritual awakening across humanity. Many in the New Thought and New Age movement call this experience the “Ascension”.

It is said that we are moving through a process of coming more in alignment with the higher realms and moving away from fear, separation and density consciousness. The first to move through this process were the groundbreaking leaders of many spiritual movements. It is said the the Buddha, Jesus and Muhammed may have been among these. Over time, many more have ascended into the higher realms and are living in more alignment with joy, peace and love as their everyday awareness.

Now we are coming to a tipping point where everyday people are waking up into this New Paradigm lifestyle of being and living a spiritually awakened daily existence. The forerunners who have moved through this process have left us guideposts and helpful tips on how to experience this process more consciously and therefore more gracefully.

This process is happening across all cultures and an awakening humanity is emerging.

As each of us undergo this important step in human consciousness, it is helpful to have a framework for understanding what is unfolding both internally and externally.  Over the past twenty years of personally navigating this journey, I have found the “Ascension” model to be the most effective way to understand and navigate through this process.

Here you will find resources to help make your awakening process more joyful and peaceful.


Bodhi Deva Ma (aka Jen Holley, MA)


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Michelle Shuler Key co-founded New Paradigm. She is our Creativity Coach, and she also leads our marketing and graphic design efforts.

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