Sacred Roots Project

Connect with the Spirit of Sacred Plants to expand and support your Spiritual Expansion.

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New Paradigm Podcast

Every two weeks we interview coaches, healers and others in the spiritual sphere and discuss topics related to spirituality, metaphysics, therapies and techniques. You’ll expand your understanding of the universe and learn something new from our guests every episode. We know we do.

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Coaching and Empowerment

In a shifting world, finding your place can be even more challenging than usual. We feel the world shifting, too.  As a team of coaches and healers with a wide range of specialties, training and experience, we can help you reorient your life to the new paradigm.

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Mala Workshops, Spirituality Classes, Reiki Training and more!

Create your own Mala, explore meditation, or simply learn more about yourself. Most workshops are led by Bodhi Deva Ma and are held at Lotus Living Arts Studio in Concord, North Carolina. Sign up for a yoga, meditation or spirituality workshop, or contact us to schedule a private workshop for your group.

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Buy Malas and Oils

Malas and Oils from New Paradigm

Our Malas and Essential Oils are handcrafted with intention. Each string of prayer beads and bottle of essential oil we offer is imbued with meaning at the time of creation. Malas are made by Bodhi Deva Ma, founder of Sacred Arts – Sacred Roots and Co-Founder of New Paradigm.

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What is New Paradigm?

New Paradigm is a seed that has been planted, and will continue to grow. We currently offer Malas, unique blends of essential oils, and meditation, yoga and spirituality workshops, as well as retreats and individual coaching, both in person and online.

We plan to expand our offerings with additional classes, products and videos – all created with intention, and with the goal of helping you understand what you think, what you believe, and who you are.

The world we live in is shifting, and we want to help you find your place in the New Paradigm.